Saturday, March 08, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) First up for the week is a news item I ran across that fits my interest in robotics, DYI, new inventions, technology changing society, humor, and the just plain cool. A guy in Atlanta Georgia made a Robocop from a barbeque smoker, and is using it to patrol his neighborhood. This has the smell of a trend to me; evidently, he is being quite effective with controlling the turf he patrols with it. It seems to me there are several advantages to having a robot-vigilante type tool; it keeps the operator away from possible violence. Also offers the possibility of collecting photographic, and audio evidence in these on street type environments, make them small like the radio controlled AVT toys, you have a paparazzo’s dream. I am totally confused about how I feel when it comes to the ethics, and legality of all this, but then every time I walk into a casino I am being secretly filmed from hundreds of cameras, ATM’s, convenience stores, banks, parking lots, even my front gate at the condo’s where I live. Anyway, here is the link

2) Next up a tax I can vote for, I ran across something about Ireland taxing plastic bags, I do not remember the source, but it spurred my interest so I started looking into it. It seems that in Ireland they have started a 15 cents tax each on plastic bag, in an attempt to help control pollution. I thought this was a great idea it is in effect a voluntary tax, but serves two purposes, raises monies to pay for environmental projects, while reducing pollution. The trees here in Las Vegas are bearing a strange fruit these days, plastic bags waving in the breeze everywhere. The “Ireland Solution”, is being watched in many other countries around the world, while several countries have banned them altogether. I could also get behind that idea. Link to the BBC story

3) This link is related to the last one just in case you thought the subject trivial, I have one here that might bring things into focus. I had no idea six months ago that this was going on, and I am sure most of you have not been aware of it either. It seems there are islands of trash in the Pacific Ocean the size of continents. These are putting toxins into the human food chain, destroying, fish, bird, and sea mammal populations. Just for starters, increase your awareness and check out this article.

4) Now for something a little lighter, I really liked this link about a candle cannon it is a short video. If you like Myth Busters stuff you will really enjoy is one, I know I did. Not going to get into it to much other than to say just how far away do you think you can blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

5) Now to wind up here is a link to the smallest production car ever made, from way back in 1963 the P-50. Was said to be cheaper than walking, the car cost less than 200 pounds, and gets over 100 mpg. If you are wondering how small, think about small enough to pick up and bring into the building set it next to your desk. Very cool video, about a very cool car, be sure to check it out

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