Friday, March 21, 2008

Wireless Internet freeloading might become a crime

IF A LAW proposed last week in Maryland gets passed, intentionally using a neighbour's wireless Internet connection without permission will be a crime.
I have seen so many unsecured WiFi connections available to some homes and offices someone needs to do something .
One time I had a service call because the customer said they couldn't get online anymore. I went and looked and someone hacked their router and put on MAC restriction pointing to their MAC address and locking out the home owner. I reset the router and set up encryption and changed the default password to the router. That is all it takes.
NEVER leave the default password to the router and if you don't need the wireless turn it off. If you do need it then set up encryption, WEP is the easiest to set up (I know Jack knows how to hack WEP) this keeps the honest people out. You can use WEP and for a key use your 10 digit telephone number. (That is only 64bit encryption but it is better than none at all).


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