Sunday, September 28, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting green as usual, but there is a little geek stuff to sneak in here also. Just to prove how fast an easy it may be to get us into a more reasonable energy position nationally. What has to happen is to make it easier for people to help with the switch. How about printing up solar cells with an ink jet printer? I ran across a story on this company some place following my usual pattern of link jumping, some how I wound up at this story from popular mechanics. This is going to require a couple more links to cover the subject, first their main page, complete with a video from the discovery channel, where I originally started link hopping. Now just to enforce that investment angle I have been talking about one more link on the way to number 2 for the week.
2) Next up another of those cool cars I would like to take a drive, or dive in. For the movie buffs this is from the bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Seems forty years after the movie fake was cruising around with the fishes, the guys over at Rinspeed decided they needed to take an ordinary Lotus Elise (there is an oxymoron for you, no Lotus is ordinary) and create the sQuba. A sports car that doubles as a submarine, and it is an electric vehicle, how is that for ultra cool. Link has a video, story and a few pictures. The car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show back in March.
3) Now for the weird link of the week, yea I know that makes some of you a little queasy this is not to bad, but defiantly weird. The head line got me from the start, “The Great Swallower”, now that just had to be clicked on. Seems the Great Swallower is a fish; yes that is its real name. It hales from the Grand Cayman Islands, and evidently really lives up to his name. Seems this one out did himself the 7.5 inch fish swallowed another fish that was 34 inches long, I mean that is between 5 and 6 times as big as he is, it killed him, but he pulled it off.
4) Okay I know I am not supposed to touch anything political, not even with a ten foot poll. Any way I just could not resist this one something to be said for the entertainment of coincidence, I will be good, stay quiet and not comment at all, check it out it is just interesting, and I liked it.
5) The geek link as usual is a little over my pay grade, but seemed timely as it is dated yesterday afternoon, so I thought I would take a chance and put it up. Maybe everyone has not already heard about it, it scared me a bit when I read it, so my alternative motive is to have some one make me feel safe. Tell me I am well protected behind something, cause this is the kind of thing that would nail me.

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