Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Build It: A Sub-$250 Desktop PC - Solutions by PC Magazine

This is an easy way to build a new PC. I think just about anyone can build this computer. They don't tell you how to install Ubuntu (the newest version is Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS) all you need to do is insert the CD into the drive and turn on the computer, the Live OS starts for you, then there is an icon on the desktop that says: Install, you just click that and it does the rest for you.

I noticed that Hardy Heron (the newest version) has some nice feathers like you have the choice to run it in demo mode, install it as the only OS on the computer, or as a dual boot OS, or as a program in Windows. (I didn't have much luck running Hardy Heron as a Windows program.)

I tried Hardy Heron in a laptop I'm working on (in demo mode) and everything worked LAN, Wireless, sound etc.. I also had a USB stick plugged in and it let me copy files just like in Windows, with a Copy & Paste. It was very easy, so this CD can be used to recover files from a Windows computer that doesn't work right as long as the hard drive works.

It is getting better every version.


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  1. Thanks for you tips. I love Ubuntu.


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