Sunday, October 05, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting green as usual, this is one I recently ran across that looked very promising, easy and already there. I am referring to using the pavement in roads, and parking lots to collect solar power. Anyone who has tried to walk barefooted on the pavement in the summer knows how hot it can get. The other big advantages range from not needing to allocate any new land for a solar farms, there are millions of acres already owned by the state. They would be totally invisible, no unsightly collectors on the roof; they would provide both hot water, and electricity. Here is a link to a story in ECO Worldly Magazine.
2) Next up is on a subject that is bound to be surfacing on the net due to our economic melt down. I got an Email touting a new investment “unrelated to the stock market” “totally safe virtually no risk” “extremely large returns” you know all the usual hype. They were trying to sell a news letter about something called “Secured Investment Contracts”. Being of a curious nature and having Google near by I decided to look them up, because I have never heard of them. You know you are looking for something weird when it is not clearly listed in Wikipedia. Looking around I ran across a site that may prove useful. Kind of like the internet myth sites, except they specialize in investment stuff. First a link to the email I got. Now a link to the investigative site, the link will take you to the report on the email.
3) This is one of those just interesting reading sites I ran across. It is a site run by NASA, has lots of interesting reading, mostly of a science nature. The site is called the Earth Observatory. Everything from night pictures of cities on earth from space, to the history of the Mayan Civilization. Just another of those places to spend a little time clicking and reading. http://earthobservatory.nasa
4) This is a bit on the zany side, and I need to put a language alert into the mix, for some reason the writer chose to use some colorful words, mostly blue. Anyway I got a good laugh from it. It is about several ways to launch things into space that while they would probably work, just never made it of the drawing boards. Although they were actually considered as possibilities. I am not going to go into a lot of detail as I don’t want to spoil the plot.
5) I know i missed my geek link for the week, it is getting late and I just have not found one. So I am going to throw another green one at you. This is something I ran across that sounds interesting, seems down under, you know Australia they are investigating the idea of switching people off eating beef, and sheep to help the environment. Makes a lot of sense to me they want to go to roo, sorry I could not resist. Seems Kangaroos, are much leaner, easier on the environment as they do not produce methane, eat the local plants, are very drought resistant, and have several other pluses. See “Jack in the Box” was just way ahead of their time. Anyway an interesting read in the Opinion.

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