Sunday, January 18, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I was at one of the downtown casinos the other day, and noticed one of the car give a ways they were using as a promotion was a Smart Car. It kind of caught me of guard because I thought that might mean they were available in the U.S. I saw one a while back in a casino parking lot, but assumed it was someone’s import. Any way got to looking around found an interesting article about John Doerr one of the investment guys that started Google, and Amazon. He was addressing the government about how our green technologies are behind the world, a very interesting article. From there I wound up at the American Smart Car of America site, yes they are in America, quite a few states too. Check them out here
2) This one is a how-to, or how they do it item. I have seen several of those David Blaine street magician shows on T.V. one of the tricks he did that fascinated me was the levitation bit he did on several shows. It is called Balducci Levitation, this is a link to a video that will show how to do it, amaze all the kids next door, and make your neighbor think you are a space alien.
3) I ran across this comment in a story some where that we had a solar storm event in the 1800’s that was so strong it fried telegraph lines on earth, starting numerous wild fires all around the planet. The article was talking about possible future events that might cause us major problems. asteroids, pole shifts and the like, anyway the comment about the storm got me to start googling around. After all when all we had to worry about was telegraph, while it was no doubt destructive, it's nothing like it would be to day. A very scary concept, sounds like it would be much worse than anything that was projected with Y2K.
4) Ever notice how occasionally a single word can catch your eye, and cause some real confusion trying to establish a coherent definition in your mind. Well such word is this one The Noosphere, wow that one set off my spell check. Any way this is defiantly in the “out there” category. Ran across it while cruising through a 2012 site. Yea I know I apologize for last week, this one is in the same category, so be fore warned
5) Now for a geek type link, probably nothing new to this crowd, but this one appealed to me because it sounds like a conspiracy theory gold mine. I think almost every world domination theory could get a boost from this. The threads from this are endless, not to mention it leaves me thinking about that cave in the desert again. Sometimes I am glad I am getting older, I really question if I want to be around to see the new world coming in another fifty years.

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  1. Greg,
    Not sure about Las Vegas but the Smart cars are for sale here in Sacramento. There is a dealership on Arden Way here in Sacramento next door to the Econo-Lube where I get my Buick serviced. One day while waiting for the Buick to have an oil change I went next door and checked out the Smart. I was suprised how much room it has for its external dimensions AND how easy it was for me, even with my spinal arthritis, to get in and out of it.

    Anyone that needs a car for primarily city use I'd highly recommend they look at the Samrt.


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