Friday, January 23, 2009

My Windows 7 Experience

When Peter posted the links for Windows 7 Beta, I went to download it. Then I though I have a membership in Technet so why not download it from them. I downloaded the 64 bit version and installed it on my Athlon X2 4400 w/3GB RAM and a 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT Video card.

The installation went well with very little problems. As I remember I did have to reinstall one or 2 things in order to get them to work. I have Skype Beta 4, I don't care for the new version of Skype. It takes some time to get used to it.

Everything is working as it should, I also installed Office 2007 on the box and did the 355.8MB of updates for Office.

The only problem I have encountered was Windows 7 said there is a problem with my sound, But I was talking on Skype to Gregg so I know it was working. I did have to reboot a few times to get everything to update correctly. I have a free version of Kaspersky 8 for Windows 7 and I needed to reboot again to get it to update.

As I said I am running Windows 7 64 bit version. this computer is not getting a very good Windows Experience because I used an old hard drive I had sitting around. it's only running at ATA100 and slowed the system down a lot. If I feel like it I will try cloning the drive to a new SATA drive I just received.

Just this morning I see that Microsoft wants to test Windows 7 on some slower computers, Microsoft is looking for testers with machines that adhere to the following spec list:

* 1 GHz processor
* 1 GB of system memory
* 16 GB of available disk space
* Support for DX9 graphics
* DVD-R/W Drive
* Internet access
I am happy with Windows 7 so far, if you have a spare machine laying around why not try Windows 7 Beta, You might be surprised.


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