Friday, January 09, 2009

Get Windows 7 Beta Here Soon

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised attendees during his keynote speech at this year's CES that the beta will be available soon. Keep your eye on the Microsoft Download Center since the download will be available to only the first 2.5 million people who want it.

If you are lucky enough to get those precious bits, post a comment and let us all know whet you think.


  1. As of Saturday morning, this link points you to the Microsoft download site and activation keys:

  2. Oops, now that I am watching the download, I see that Microsoft's new OS beta download is 2.43 GIGABYTES. No wonder Microsoft croaked its server farm yesterday!

    Don't try this download on dial-up...

  3. Microsoft must be having major hiccups. I have completed three downloads successfully, but the ISO is very incomplete. Watching a download (paint drying is more fun) shows that the download ends abruptly a few hundred megabytes into the 2,43 GB download.

    That means lots of downloaders will be unhappy and Microsoft's bandwidth use will be off the charts as Windows 7 beta downloaders return and try again.

    Hello, Microsoft. You have a problem with Windows 7 beta downloads!!

  4. Unfortunately, the thousands of users fighting to get one of the 2.5 million Windows 7 downloads promised by Microsoft are liable to be disappointed; the download completes "successfully" after sending only a couple hundred megabytes of the 2.43 GB ISO file. Burned to a DVD, the result is another digital coaster. This puts disappointed users back in the overloaded download queue. In short, Microsoft's presumed ability to ship working bits across the Internet is compromised by this download-fiasco episode.

    Saturday afternoon EST: conditions are deteriorating. You'll be lucky to get more than a few megabytes before going off into digital never-never land, never to complete. [Based on 12 attempts over 3 hours]

  5. Microsoft solved its problems eventually. If you are hot to try Windows 7, the article at this URL will send you to the right places:


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