Sunday, January 04, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Thought for a change on my green link this week, and since it is the beginning of a new year; I will concentrate most of my efforts on the future. In the interest of progress toward cleaning up the planet I think the most realistic approach is the X-Prize. The fastest way to get something done on our planet, at this time in history is with a super large carrot. The X-Prize offers that incentive, the link here is the best place I have found to keep up on what is going on with this venue, lots of links, and a nice news story crawler to keep on latest events.
2) Next up this is a place I found interesting to spend some time, even though I had no real reason to go there. It could be very useful at times for anyone. I am referring to the National Archives site. It is quite amazing just how much stuff is here. If you are in to doing any kind of research it can be a great place to start. You can look up everything from your genealogy, to the voting record of your favorite politician.
3) We are rapidly approaching a date that has fascinated me for quite a while, and I will be posting more links on this subject in the future, I am referring to 2012 of course. The Mayan calendar is the most popular subject related to the date, so I thought I would start here. This is a site with a video of a lecture about the Mayan calendar, and quite a bit more information than most. I found this same man doing a lecture a few years ago that I thought was better than this new one, but I could not find it Google has taken down the old one. Maybe at the way back site, I will have to try that one of these days.
4) This is one that was sent to me in an email from the show, I think it was Troll, but I am not sure if I am wrong I apologize. Any way it is a site of web cams from all around the world, I did not check to see if they had any of the airports in Alaska. Sorry that was aimed at Joe, I am sure I will cover it during the show.
5) Now for a geek thing, this is an article that caught my eye. A new syndrome revolving around email, and sleeping, called zzzz-mail. Something that people like Joe who often sleeps in the chair in front of the computer might have to be careful of.

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