Sunday, February 15, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I was caught by the headline here, “The Next Big Green Industry?” thinking it would be some fancy new solar twist, new car or hi-tech advance of some sort. Not so they are talking about a ground level easy to get into industry. This is an interesting article if you are looking for a new career, or know someone who lost a job and in need of a new start. The timing seems to be about perfect, anyway an interesting read will be interesting to see if the field develops as well as they predict.
2) Crop circles, is a subject that has intrigued me for a long time. They are still popping up world wide, still more in the U.K. than anywhere else. This is another of those anomalies like U.F.O.’s, there is just too many for it to it to be just a couple of guys faking everything to spoof the rest of us. For starters it seems they would have caught more than one or two rather low tech guys with ropes and boards. This is about the best site I have found to keep up with what’s going on with the subject.
3) For a future tech link I thought I would use this one, I caught Jay Leno the other night he referenced being able to watch T.V. on your contact lenses. You know me that demanded a Google; sure enough they are saying within the next ten years we will be able to watch T.V., videos on a pair of contact lenses. I would imagine that will include internet also, not that big of a leap. I cannot imagine what that would look like, nor can I decide if I would be interested. But when you think about it, hook it up to a pair of digital binoculars, bingo see for miles, or a digital microscope you can read the fine print on anything. More I think about it the cooler it sounds.
4) This is a quickie for the cooks out there. Got a favorite restaurant item, wish you could cook it at home, rather than pay the high price. There are several of these sites out there if you want to Google, this is just one I found that I liked
5) Last up how about a green phone, well blue phone that is green, actually I am talking about a new phone being unveiled next week at the Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. The phone is solar powered no more recharging nightmares. Interesting concept; may be a problem with purses and pockets, but who knows how long it needs to charge.

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