Saturday, February 21, 2009

24 GB PCs Available Soon

Kingston is getting to announce 4 GB DDR3 DIMMs in their ValueRAM product line, no less.  Custom PC (UK) reported that Kingston demoed the new memory in a six-slot Core i7 machine, with nine virtual machines popping right up as the demo switched from task to task.

It won't be cheap to load up a 24 GB machine -- $2,000 at today's prices -- but DDR3 prices are down 35% in the last three months and will continue falling.

The masses like us can expect virtualization to become a lot more common as memory -- the key ingredient in virtual machine performance -- becomes cheaper.  Business users of workstations, Rejoice!

I can also tip my own hat, recalling that four years ago I predicted the crossover to 64-bit operating systems would occur in 2010.  With cheaper, denser memory such as the Kingston Value RAM 4 GB parts, that prediction looks like it's in the bag for mainstream machines next year (performance machines are already running 64-bit OS versions at 6 GB memory and up).

-- Peter

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