Friday, February 27, 2009

Interesting News from Tom's Hardware and Some Good Deals from Seagate Outlet

>>Windows 7 RC1 Shooting for April 10 Release?<<

AMD Unveils 'Istanbul' Six-Shooter Opteron

Ballmer: No Microsoft Phone, But WinMo 7 Coming

Microsoft Working on Windows 7 for Netbooks

Microsoft Announces SP2 RC for Vista, Server 2008

Asus' Mammoth 18.4" W90 Laptop Now Available

Windows Beating Linux Netbooks
It ought to be something of a watershed moment for Linux, right? The scalable OS was finally given its due, being sold right alongside Windows as a configurable option on the wildly popular mini notebooks. Something happened along the way though--something, which, when you think about it, isn't all that surprising. People stuck with Windows. In a big way

- Microsoft Reveals New Windows 7 Changes February 26 – Outlet Sale: Hard drives from $30 + $8 s&h knocks up to 62% off a selection of internal and external hard drives in its Outlet Center. Shipping starts at $7.99, but orders of $150 or more ship for free. Sale ends March 2. The deals:
Seagate ST3160023A-RK 160GB IDE 3.5" Internal for $25.99
Seagate ST900803FGA1E1-RK Freeagent Go 80GB USB 2.0 for $29.99
Seagate ST3300631A-RK 300GB IDE 3.5" Internal for $39.99
Seagate ST303204N1A1AS-RK 320GB Serial ATA 3.5" Internal for $39.99
Seagate ST305004FPA1E2-RK FreeAgent 500GB USB 2.0/FW800/eSATA for $64.99

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