Sunday, February 22, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) To start off the week an article I ran across that may offer some good news on the environment. It seems the jungles takes over abandon farm lands rather quickly. As more and more people are moving to the cities in search of what they perceive as better life styles, the land they leave behind reverts very quickly. This trend is causing some environmentalists to reconsider the severity of rain forest loss.
2) Troll sent me a really nice link on black holes. Trying to comprehend the idea of a black hole is one of those exercises that leave me with a total brain drain. This site can help, but I still have trouble comprehending the concept. A very detailed site though and well organized. Thanks, Troll you really do send me some interesting stuff, I appreciate your effort and time.
3) I saw this article with what I thought a rather sinister title “ Scientist Looks to Weaponize Ball Lightening”, I mean this sounds kind of biblical to me. I imagine Thor, or some other God hurling lightening bolts at people he does not like. I am sorry but I don’t like it. Anyway here is a link to the article When I read it I realized my understanding of ball lightening was very limited so I Googled some found this very cool site all about ball lightening, even how to make your own, now just where did I put that liability disclaimer. Anyway do not blame me if you lay waste to the neighborhood.
4) This is one Joe came up with, we were sitting here talking on Skype when he found it and sent it to me. An article about a guy that thought he had found Atlantis on Google maps. Turns out to be much ado about nothing, but it was interesting to be able to load the coordinates, and within minutes be looking at what started the whole deal. Two links first one the article, the second the location on Google Maps. ……At the map site you need to set the slide bar about mid way.
5) Trouble finding a geek link this week, so I will post a link sent to me by a geek, thanks again Troll. This one has been in my blog folder for a while I just have not gotten around to using it yet. Goes to show you just how much you can find on the net if you look. This is a state by state, city by city listing of all the speed traps in the neighborhood. Great read for anyone you know that drives a cab, truck, or anything else with four wheels.

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