Sunday, March 08, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Green link for the week is one that sounds very promising world wide, more reliable than wind and may prove to be much cheaper. There are two links in the first an article explaining what VIVACE is; an acronym Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy. This is basically using the flow of water to create energy. Wow, so what is new about that? What is so cool is that the water flow can be as slow as 1.5 knots. Usually when we think about hydro-electricity we imagine Bolder Dam or Niagara Falls. The applications for this concept are huge. The second link a more technical site, with video of a working model, the simplicity is just amazing.
2) I thought I would post something about the time change, personally I have always hated it, but no one seems to care, oh well. Anyway, I found many sites I kind of liked this one because it seemed to cover most of the others. Some of the effects were new to me, but not a surprise. An increase in heart attacks was the main one in that category.
3) Okay time for one of those if only I had a bank account like Bill Gates toys. This is the only way you would find me swimming with the sharks. While I think it is a bit of an over kill type toy, I would not mind knowing someone to take a ride with. It is kind of like a Lear Jet Submarine, looks like a lot of fun.
4) This is one that Joe sent me, I am certain that this is the future of the media, while things look good now; I predict they will change in the future. I am still stinging from being so happy about cable T.V. and their statements that I will be paying for content, but commercials will not be there. But, for now I am encouraged this looks like something I may try. I am also going to throw in one more site dealing with T.V. and the change over to digital. This site will tell you what type of antenna you need for the available stations; you can put in your complete street address it will come up with a directional map showing the direction of all of the towers in the area, miles, signal strength etc.
5) The geek link for the week, in the category of I think not gadgets, a five sense virtually reality helmet. Would be the answer to all of those guys on cooking shows talking about smell-o-vision. But, that could sure be a two way street when you are watching something more graphic.

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