Saturday, March 07, 2009

Microsoft plans multiple Windows 7 versions - The Inquirer

What version of Windows 7 will work for you? Or should I ask what version will you buy?
Like in Vista Microsoft is going to be coming out with 7 versions of Windows 7.
It looks like only us Geeks will be using Windows 7 Ultimate. (It looks like we will be paying dearly for it.)
They will start with a very limited version for Netbooks and low power PC's it is called Starter. The version go up from there.
You can read all about the 7 different versions of Windows 7 here.

I am running the Beta 64 bit (build 7000) on one of my computers and I like it a lot. It looks like it is working much better than Vista did.

Not only will Microsoft have 7 versions but they will also have 32 bit and 64 bit versions as well. If you think that is going to be confusing look what they will have for Europe:

"In the EU, which has already required Microsoft to offer its Windows OS without Media Player (MP) bundled, there will be 22 versions. And if the EU further requires Microsoft to unbundled Internet Exploder (IE), as is beginning to look likely, the number of EU versions will jump to 44 - 11 versions with both MP and IE, 11 versions without MP but with IE, 11 versions with MP but without IE, and 11 versions without either MP or IE. That'll be even more fun."

I'm still looking forward to the new OS from Microsoft called Windows 7!


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