Sunday, April 19, 2009

1) To start off the week something while not to glamorous, but something with great potential, normally the term scum is not greeted with, “gee that might save the world’’, but then think about “the meek will inherit the earth”. It has always been the simplest concepts that have made the largest changes. Most really great ideas have started as simplistic concepts that were improved on to create great advances. This may be just more, after all the oil we use is the same product, except it takes millions of years, as opposed to less than one. Interesting article here
2) I ran across a mention of the Lyrid meteor shower looking for something to post I found this site; it has a daily what to look for in the night sky broken down for the week. I thought that was kind of cool just check in once in a while to see if there is any thing coming up.
3) I have a cousin who is an avid railroad guy; I ran across this and could not resist sharing it. While I am not sure how many of you out there have an interest in the subject, maybe like me you know someone like my cousin who shares this passion, if so they would surly like this link. Even if it is not your particular cup of tea, you must admit it is the best of its kind.
4) While I am not to sure what I think about this, when I read it I just had to use it. The idea that space can have a smell strikes me as extremely odd. After all how can nothing have a smell, the whole concept of space actually being a vacuum is being challenged on several levels, maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Can human senses really be more perceptive than our instruments? Interesting article here
5) This granted is a pretty strange idea, and most people would just chuckle and go on about their business, to me it shows just how much the internet can be dangerous. After all when one looks at it with just a little bit of questioning, we say this is something that only the severally challenged would be swayed by. But when you look at the numbers it can be a little scary. As an example look at the political inferences put out over the net, the over the top strangeness of what is out there is alarming. No basis in fact at all, but presented as a fact, complete lies where is this headed. This is just an example, but

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