Sunday, April 05, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Here is another of those articles that give me some hope that we are moving in the right direction. Kind of like the advances in battery charging i put up the week before last, that link being about the major problem with electric cars dealing with charging time. This is kind of the same deal for solar, the main problem with solar is the storage of power, to compensate for cloudy days, and night. The guys at M.I.T. are at it again, this is not one of those in twenty years promises. They are saying in the next few years, this is a system that will work as well in New York City as in rural Africa. And, at a reasonable cost, they express it as instead of thousands of dollars, tens of dollars. Very interesting here is the link
2) It has been a while since I got into one of those over the top story’s, I heard reference to a documentary movie coming out dealing with Rods, or Sky Fish as they are sometimes called. So I thought I would post something on them, I am putting up three sites, first a YouTube news story . Next an article from, there are even instructions on how to film them yourself on page two, they say anyone can film them. And, last the main site from the people who originally discovered them, they are the people coming out with the movie.
3) Now for a new twist on the flying car, this is one that is currently out there, they are flying it, planning flights across the channel, across the Sahara, and it is green. Looks like a lot of fun. While I can’t see them flying around the city, I sure think it will not be long before I see them flying around the countryside. First link a Google video of the maiden flight, And, a link of the spec’s and future plans
4) This is an article about what they are doing to attempt to narrow the field for contacting intelligent life out in space. Now that we have methods of detecting planets, and sort them into types capable of supporting life. They are planning to target those locations, makes sense to me.
5) For my geek link I could not resist this story about the Google street van being mobbed by a small village across the pond. Seems they wanted to maintain their privacy, looks like it has backfired. If they had any tech savvy at all they would have realized when they called attention to themselves on the internet it would be seen as a challenge. Should mention that the name of the village has some connection to one of our hosts, not sure how deep that rabbit hole goes though.

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