Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Microsoft's 196 Megapixel Camera

Do we need to see every pore in Angelina Jolie's face?  No, that's not what 196,000,000 digital pixels are used for.  Microsoft's photogrammetry group has been photographing the world by airplane with the monster, 196 MP camera in order to ... how to say this, out-Earth Google Earth.

The downside of Microsoft's approach is the need to make endless airplane passes over the free world.  Google earth relies on commercially available satellite photos, so you'll see military facilities in Russia that Microsoft is, shall we say, highly unlikey to get permission to overfly.  But when Microsoft can get over a city, campus, or potential amphibious assault landing site, the 196 MP sure looks pretty.

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  1. SchmooBro8:05 PM

    well, Peter, you call it a monster, but I don't really know how big it is...

    Maybe they can rent a wing slot on one of the Gov't spyplanes, for a not too outrageous cost, and capture those "hard to get" pics.

    Thanks for another interesting post....
    You are certainly missed on the show; your insight into the industry was most appreciated.


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