Sunday, April 26, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Green link of the week takes me back to boy scouts. I remember some sort of a project we did making a solar oven supposedly to bake bread, if memory serves me it did not work so hot, pardon the pun. Well evidently that concept has been revised somewhat, with the Koyto box, named for the summit. This is the - "two cardboard boxes, and some paint that can save the world” Winner of the Financial times-sponsored climate change challenge contest for innovative ways to decrease human impact on the environment. The manufacturing cost of the box is only six dollars, and it can boil water, cook a casserole, bake bread, using solar, but it can also save a rain-forest. The sub-link in the article on the prize is also interesting reading.
2) Okay, this is my advancing technology blow your mind link for the week. At least if you are not up on metamaterials. This has been hanging around in my use for the show, maybe folder for a month or two; I just kept skipping over it because I had not taken the time to read it. I am correcting that now, if you have not heard about metamaterials do yourself a favor and read this, I believe you will be hearing a lot about this in the future, maybe under a different name, but this has unbelievable potential.
3) I don’t know if any of you have picked up on this, it sure was news to me. One more of those mind blowing articals, this brings a lot of thoughts to mind. It is an article about re-growing body parts. Started out with a guy in a hobby shop showing a customer why the propeller on a model plane was dangerous. He went beyond what was expected by cutting off the end of his finger. Lucky he knew someone doing limb replacement research that sent him some magic powder. Grew back his finger, evidently this is for real check it out.
4) I was tempted to save this for my opening link next week, but decided to use it here. Sent to me by Wills of show host fame, it is one more of those how we can really make a difference with small adaptations of what is available around us. I was impressed by this because of its practicability using materials available in the local area to change, or improve a simple human problem.
5) Now for some geekyness, spell check did not like that, but had no suggestions so forgive me. Started off by a suggestion from Troll, who seems to find some joy in tweaking my mind, but I like that. The whole idea of cloud computing, well explained here Thanks Troll, now for just a little something more I ran across at Stock Gumshoe, another site I like dealing with those stock offers from the stock touting crowds that show up in our email, I really like this site anyway, just a little additional reading if you are inclined

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