Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Drifting towards Linux

Because of the way I see Windows heading, more expensive and needing more and more hardware. I've found myself more interested in Linux. I don't have very powerful computers. My best is a Semperon 3300+.  Right now, I dual boot 2 boxes and have 3 Linux only. I've tried many distro's. Fedora, Madriva, and Slackware and many other less known ones. They were OK but, updating some was a bear. Others just wouldn't do what I needed. I keep comming back to Ubuntu. It's one CD and so far does what I need, more or less easily. I especially like the online upgrades. I've got Ubuntu 9.04 on various hardware. From a 10 year old power PC imac. To the Semperon 3300+.  I'm slowly learning to do what I need. The most important is sharing a printer and files over a LAN. I find myself using Linux on my main computer most of the time. True, I do have to jump through a few more hoops to do some things, like I make the occacional video CD, but I can usally get what I need. 

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