Sunday, July 05, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Two links here to start, the first one I believe I used a while back, but I am not sure a video on air cars. I wanted to catch up and see if anything new was going on. This is a very interesting concept the information in the second half about the guy in Australia really caught me about no friction, that means no oil, anyway check it out here, The company site for MDI is here these guy’s have got it going on, wonder if we will be able to get them in the U.S. in this century.
2) I was, and still am very interested in the proposed space elevator, well looks like the may have some serious competition. What has been the biggest problem with the elevator are materials that are still a few years away. These guys may be able to pull it off in the next ten years, using existing materials. Very interesting check out the article here
3) This is one I believe Earl got me started with a while back, one of those things that point out how the web is changing the world. I have always liked books; have quite a few floating around, but nothing like what is available here. Information on over 25 million and counting, with free online full text for well over a million, nice.
4) This is one of those head shakers, you know the ones, you hear what they said, but have no reference to comprehend how it could be possible. I read the article title and was immediately thinking Yeah Right, or as Michael Angelo used to say “Please, permit me to doubt.” They are talking about using invisibility cloak research (a link here a few weeks ago) to make buildings invisible to earth quakes. If they can pull this off I will definitely be impressed
5) Okay most of you have probably already seen this, but for those that might have missed it, I thought I would use it here, some suggestions to create your own personal bucket list, for geeks that is.

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