Sunday, July 19, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Going to start with a link Joe sent me about a new way to not own your car. I suspect this may actually be the future, because I have seen the concept in Sci-Fi books and movies. However it may be quite some time before it becomes main stream due to its appeal being restricted to how, and where you live. It might have local appeal in today’s world, I wish them well. I think it would play nicely here in Las Vegas, and would be a good fit for electric vehicles, but think it would have problems in Montana.
2) Well here we are in Joe’s neighborhood again; link is to an article from the Anchorage Daily News about the Alaskan blob floating off the coast. I think we will be reading more about this for the next couple of weeks. While the mystery seems to be settled as to what it is, the tests say it is a type of algae. The questions about where it came from, why it is there; still remain because it has never been seen before. The obvious connection to global warming, and climate change will need some study. Be interesting to follow the story, looking forward to the answers.
3) This is an article about Amazon, Kindel, and ethics. Sent to me by Troll no doubt to confuse my interest stated a week or two back in a link here talking about how I wanted one. Well I have been successfully confused now I am not to sure I like the idea, you know how I love a good conspiracy. I suspect there is more here than what meets the eye. Not sure I like the implications regarding invading my privacy just because they feel the need. I do very much like the irony.
4) This is another Joe sent me, during our morning coffee and Skype conference he was reading Daily Rotation, and says hey here is a link for you. He was absolutely right this one grabbed me, and there is more here than just the headline subject. We are talking about printing batteries, but they also mention printing flexible electronics. The batteries solve some of the problems with those. This has got me thinking I need to get back up to speed on these prototype printers. There seems to be a lot going on there, batteries, organ replacements, got to find out what is new.
5) For my geek thing this week I thought this was interesting, appears they have taught a computer to read sign language. I am having some trouble deciding what the implications of the technology will be, but they must have had some purpose in mind, other than we did it because we could.

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