Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Fortin: Windows 7 Efficiency | Charles | Channel 9

"The Windows 7 project involved very efficient software engineering planning and execution. It is no surprise that an equivalent level of efficiency exists throughout the OS (efficiency in how the OS deals with faults, threads, memory management, power management, process management, window management, graphics, audio, local search, diagnostics, and on and on - truly excellent, and efficient, engineering)."

This is one of the best interviews I have ever watched. (it has a 28 minute video) You can read it if you want must of the interview is here for you to read.
Gregg turned me onto channel9 and I have always liked to watch interviews from Microsoft Engineers. This is no exception it is a very good interview with Michael Fortin, he is a Distinguished Engineer in the Windows Core Operating System Division.

Michael talks about the inter-workings of Windows 7 how it is bigger bits wise but more efficient in what runs and when, like what services are running and when they turn on or off. He explained in easy to understand language how an OS does what it does.

As I have said many times I like Windows 7 very much and think everyone should go to it. As a computer tech I make a living fixing Windows XP! The only time I have to work on a Vista computer is hardware replacement. (I did have one lady that had to reinstall Vista, she said this sign kept coming up all of the time so she would just click OK.)

You can just listen to this interview while doing your other things, it's a good one! A half hour well spent while playing FreeCell or Spider :)


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