Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cybercrooks increasingly target small business accounts

"In an alert to its members earlier this month, NACHA -- the Electronics Payments Association said that attackers are increasingly stealing onine banking credentials, such as user names and paswords, from small businesses by using keystroke logging tools and other malware. The cybercriminals are using the stolen credentials to 'raid' and 'take over' corporate accounts and initiate the unauthorized transfer of funds over electronic payment networks."

This article talks about what the bad guys can do with the information they get when a Trojan gets on your computer.

Last week Earl talked about the 2 stage security he had to go through to log into his Bank of America account. This article is talks about why a lot of financial businesses are changing their security.


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  1. The serivice I mentioned at Bank of America via cellphone or card is also available at PayPal for your PayPal login. But I couold not get the cellphone part to work for free so I have ordered a "key" from them for $5. The PayPal key is te same as the BofA card. Earl


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