Sunday, August 23, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off with my usual environmental link, I decided to use this one, but it comes with a warning. I was looking through my descriptive word list trying to find a way to introduce this without turning everyone off. Depressing, alarming, scary, came to mind I settled on referring to it as a reality check. A reasonable explanation of how and why we as a species, at least as we know ourselves, will most likely die out in the next 30-50 years, I am being optimistic they say 2025. They are in my opinion exactly right, to quote Pogo we have met the enemy, and he is us.
2) Trying to lighten things up a little, I ran across this and was very impressed as it would solve one of my lifelong frustrations. Have you ever noticed when you pour a cup of coffee you are lucky to get two maybe three sips at the perfect temperature. When you first pour it is to hot, if you are lucky after two or three to hot sips, come those two or three perfect ones. That is providing what ever you are doing does not distract you for say 10 min. and now it is to cold, so you add some more of the to hot trying to guess the correct amount to add, then start all over again. This disruption to your sanity has been solved check out what I would like to get for Christmas, hint, hint.
3) Here is another new item hitting the market soon, or at least I hope it does as I would like one, well at least that adventurous side of me would like one. The practical side might win out in the end, but I would sure like to try one. Anyway think unicycle, Segway, blender. I think you get the idea, very cool link here complete with video.
4) I have to admit it when it comes to sitting at the computer surfing the net it is always the videos that catch my eye, and since I like science and tech this link is a natural the best science visualization videos of the year. The link says categories energy and tech, I as yet have not had time to investigate to see if there are more categories at the site, but I will be back

5) For my geek offering this week a story I ran across about the advancement of roll-up displays. This was not a new idea to me I had seen speculation about the concept quite awhile ago, but then I also saw articles about the space elevator. Looks like there may have been a breakthrough on this one.

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