Sunday, September 20, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Opening link for the week kind of illustrates another of those trends leading to a more sustainable world. One of the major problems for a long time now has been the overfishing of the world’s oceans, and lakes. We are approaching a milestone in that area, that being over ½ of the fish, and shell fish we consume will be farm raised. The oceans are moving to farms, and the farms are moving into the lab.
2) I ran across another of those, T.V. on the computer sites at Daily Rotation the other day this one is a little different in that it is live T.V. and not a download, so it is in real time. This solves a problem that I was having with the news; it is a global site, so you can catch T.V. from anywhere which is cool. Watch the English news stations in India, China, or Europe. The world is defiantly getting smaller. Here is a link to some of the tech stuff
3) This could be an opening green site, but I am using it here, a needed technology brought around by Dean Karman the inventor of the Segway. A major breakthrough in water purification, powered by a Sterling engine that can also provide extra power and it runs on animal dung.

4) NASA has competition, at least when it comes to trouble on the launching pad. This is an article about one of those contests outsourcing research and development costs to the private sector. I think this is a great idea; the x-prize concept seems to be a way to keep costs down and fast-track technology.

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