Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7 the Easy Way - OS, Software & Networking by ExtremeTech

"Microsoft Windows 7 is designed to upgrade from older iterations of the operating system, but if you're at all like me, you've been installing and uninstalling apps and utilities, rolling back your system installation after crashes, hacking software packages and DLLs, or even adding and changing registry entries. Sure, you can upgrade your current computer to the new operating system, but it might pay to create a fresh installation and due away with the gunk of years of computing."

I always do a clean install when I go to a new OS. When you upgrade it brings a lot of other things with it that could make the new OS not run the way it was designed. Also if your upgrading because your computer isn't running right, you could have the same problems after you upgrade. This article tells you how and what you need to make your computer ready for a "Clean Installation" of Windows 7.

I for one are looking forward to Windows 7 it is (I think) the best OS Microsoft has built to date. As I have said before I make a living fixing Windows XP.

Try Windows 7 you'll like it!


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  1. Joe, I have to agree with you about Windows 7. I've used both the beta and the RC1 versions (I have the RTM but have not installed it yet), and I am VERY impressed.

    Let me be blunt: Vista is what is emitted from the north bound end of a south bound horse. Windows XP is "OK" but not as stable as Windows 2000 was. You know me well enough to know that normally I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to use a new OS, but I will convert my main PC (a Toshiba laptop) to Windows 7, though I will do it as a dual-boot since a couple of programs I use alot won't run correctly on Windowsx 7 and one of them is much too costly to upgrade just for OS compatibility.

    I know you've made a bunch of money keeping XP systems running - I on the other hand have made a bunch of money converting Vista systems back to SP (and every person I''ve done that for is mucho happy with the results). Looks like converting those folks to Windows 7 will be our next "cash cow".


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