Saturday, November 28, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Just to start off let me say if you recently sent me an email with links I apologize for not reading them yet. I am in Southern California for Thanksgiving, and missing most of my usual connections, that coupled with spending a lot of time doing other things here may be reflected in my show contributions this week. But, to start off I ran across this article about potential battery news. They are claiming batteries that last twenty years, discharge like a capacitor, and keep working after being shot up with a machine gun.

2) We all know how I love a conspiracy, and given my tendency’s to gravitate toward the edge of the zone. You have to know I have been following this one with interest, there are some very credible people asking about the possibility that the Large Hadron Collider is being sabotaged from the future. This article is from Time magazine so you know someone must be taking it with more than a grain of salt.

3) With all these stories about the air lines cutting back on services, when I saw this I thought I would toss it in for a little balance. This seems just a little over the top in the other direction. If you are looking for an air line that offers you over the top amenities this may be for you.

4) This is an article about something I had not heard of, but does not surprise me; it was just flying under my radar. When I saw the article I thought this has probably been a problem for ever, I just never had an occasion to think about it. Anyway I just thought it may hit others the same way. If you commit a crime while sleep walking are you, or should you be responsible?

5) Geek link for the week is a glimpse of what Intel has on their radar for your future, the idea makes me a little nervous, but then the world of 2020 promises to be way different than today, so why not.

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