Sunday, November 22, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Green is an interesting subject; it can run from paying attention to habits at home, to the steady supply of new products and processes. Then there is those things we usually don’t think about here is an example of one of those, green rocket fuels, an interesting concept.
2) This is an amazing subject from Gizmondo they condensed several articles and videos into a new section called “This Cyborg Life” you can spend some time with this one I know I did.
3) Bordering on the edge as far as useful products are concerned, at least for home use, or at least for home use living in Las Vegas. You guessed it I am referring to bomb proof wallpaper; I don’t suppose it will be coming to my local home depot soon. But then, considering tornadoes, and hurricanes maybe it will.
4) This is one I hooked up with, thanks to Joe, we seem to be seeing a lot of things going on with the FCC lately. This is just one more, but kind of interesting and one of those things that seem like they were inevitable, when you think about it.
5) Last up an offering from Troll, who often saves me when it comes to trying to find something geeky. Titled “Inside The Google Chrome O S Security Model! Zero Day” When I read that title I knew two things, I had the link I needed, and I would not be able to understand 80% of it

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