Thursday, April 29, 2010

AMD 6-core barebones system for $500 after MIR

Wanna fabulous deal on the brand new six-core AMD Phenom II? You have until April 30th to get this launch deal:

This Bundle Includes

  • Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H AM3 Motherboard
  • AMD HDT55TFBRBOX Phenom II 1055T Six Core Processor with Fan
  • Corsair Dominator 4GB PC10666 RAM
  • Western Digital WD10EARS 1TB Caviar Green Hard Drive
  • Ultra X-Blaster Black ATX Mid-Tower Case
  • Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply
Add an OS and a graphics card, and you have one impressive box. The reviews, and especially the computing/dollar, are very good. Tiger Direct throws in $60 in mail-in rebates to bring the final cost to $500 + shipping. That's a good deal.

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