Sunday, April 25, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) With so many stories in the news about nuclear disarmament I was kind of googling around reading articles when this story came up about securing a potential Nuke during the earthquake in Chile, that story here A spinoff from that article led me to the reason I’m using this as my green link. In the article they were talking about processing the weapon grade material into fuel for nuclear power, I thought why not warheads so I googled and found this article As much as I am deep down disturbed by the whole nuclear thing, if we can recycle the stuff, it solves many problems.
2) It has been a while since I have put up anything on U.F.O.s so here we go. I have friend in California who went to the yearly reenactment of this event, he liked it a lot. Any way during the conversations back and forth I ran across this video. It is about the “Battle of Los Angles” in this video they use the old radio news casts, show old video of the shooting (big guns), also interviews. Very well done, if you never heard of the Battle of Los Angles, you should check it out.
3) This is one of the more disturbing articles I have read lately, seems we are about to go off planet in a new way. Not so sure it is the military I want to replace NASA in advancing our space efforts. World is getting scary, I mean if we don’t they will, several other countries are on their way. It’s not like the “Outer Space Treaty of 1967” (worth a google) is going to stop anyone.
4) Thought this might interest the phone group, referring to an article about app’s for the military. Interesting to hear them say their smart phones may soon be as important as their rifles.
5) Thought for geek I would use this article about Face Book it is interesting to consider just how this clash between freedom and privacy comes down. There are really endless possibilities thinking about the world getting smaller, but the information base getting so much larger.

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