Sunday, September 05, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Every once in a while something comes along and demonstrates just how messed up our priorities are as the dominate species on the planet. I read a fair amount of green news about the new fuels, and mileage advancements. Then, here comes this guy who drives his modified 26 year old car from Canada to Mexico gets 119 mpg, better than when it was new 26 years ago when it did the same trip setting a record back then at 103 mpg.
2) Well I suppose it will not matter much whether or not if electric cars manage to take over if we go extinct anyway. I don’t know how I have been missing this news, though thinking about it I have seen several references just did not sink in I guess. It seems we are currently in the middle of a mass extinction event that may prove bigger than the dinosaurs. Thinking about it if a comet hit and created such an event it would most likely take a hundred years or more to actually reach a peak. How long have we been at it in earnest maybe a hundred or so? Interesting read
3) Another area I find somewhat troubling is this whole keeping track of everybody and everything some of the advancements in the spy field is getting out of hand. Now from the guys at Harvard mini-micro-nano autonomous robotic helicopters. Check this out for small, it is using a Lincoln Penny for a helipad.
4) This is just a link to some very cool stop action photography. A speeding bullet intersecting a droplet of water splashed up from a pool. Several shots from several angles, just kind of interesting that the guy could set up the shot.
5) Okay closing out the week with a little over my head geek. The title of the article told me right away I was in trouble. Looks like it is worth a look to me “Quantum Hackers Use Lasers to Crack Powerful Encryption With Out Leaving a Trace” they cracked quantum cryptography.

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