Sunday, September 05, 2010

Review of Endomondo App for the Droid phone

I stole this recumbent bike rider's review of the Endomondo app for the Droid phone from the BentRiderOnline forum. By Ed:

I was looking and thinking about getting a computer for my new Rover. In doing some research I happen to try going into my Droid Market and happen to come accross a free app. for the Droid. It is called "Endomondo". It seems to be a great app. and I hve been really impressed with it. It not only records my route, but it also gives me the elapsed time that I have been out, avg. speed, max speed, altitude, and can also give the heart rate if you buy the strap that goes around your chest. Itg not only shows it and stores it on the phone, but if you create a free account/profile on there website, the phone automatically send the info to the website so you can chart everything. Another nice feature is that if for some unknow reason (I am diabetic) I should have a problem and needed help she can login to the website from anywhere and it will show where I am at. She really likes that option, and feels a lot better/safer knowing that the program does that for her. They only have the app. for the Droid & Garmin phones right now but the IPhone app is coming soon.

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