Sunday, April 03, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well I suppose it was inevitable, we now have the first electric Rolls Royce Phantom, while only a prototype and currently the one and only, if the test market goes well there may soon be more on the horizon. I was very impressed with the induction matt recharging system, eliminating the need to plug in, just park it in the garage over the matt. Research and development seems to me to be the most promising development here as Rolls Royce is unlikely to reach population numbers high enough to change the tide by themselves.

2) Okay I have to admit at the moment I have zero idea how this works, and a limited view as to the usefulness of this particular device, but the underlying concept that enables this action seems to me to be very useful as a process in a product line. I do have to admit it is a very cool demonstration.

3) I am not too sure how the future of education will develop due to the digital-evolution we find ourselves in the middle of (actually logically thinking, I guess the beginning of). One thing seems certain, that being some drastic changes in the way we approach the methodology of teaching a subject. If you would like to participate in this new changing format and get paid for it, check this out.

4) Sometimes things come along that are so potentially world changing it just stuns me trying to keep up. This just may signal the end of fire’s devastating effect on civilization; this promises to be the biggest advancement in fire fighting and prevention that I have seen period. Hard to tell if it can live up to that potential, but I will be keeping an eye open for more on this.

5) With all of the advancements in computer technology and accompanying hype, the talk that we are playing God and all, every now and then we need a little wake up to keep everything in perspective. Here is an interesting article on that. It seems if we combine all of the CPU computing power, and total world storage capacity down to the last smart card, it does not equal one human being.

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