Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Music Industry Wants You to Pay Again.

(apologies in advance -- this video from Reuters requires Flash and portions of it may be deemed NSFW)

Well, well, well. You thought you legitimately bought that song? You think you own those bits you legally paid to download or ripped from a CD you bought? Then think again. If you store it in the cloud and then want to stream it to your music player or computer the music industry thinks you didn't pay enough. And here you thought you bought it to listen to as you pleased. Silly, silly consumer, you!

No they want you to pay more for the privilege of streaming music you've already paid for. Haven't we already fought this war and won? Remember when they wanted to control our ripping our CDs so that we could not listen to them on our MP3 players and iPods? They tried and they failed; but no, they are back at it. Greed knows no limits. Why even bother to buy the music bits if you don't really have the right to listen to them when, where and how you please?

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