Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Best Christmas lights ever!!

This is a fantastic video that I'm gonna try and put up as a picture, so y'all can see this.
VERY impressive! Of course, my kids said "Lets do THAT!" lol
RocketBoom is a daily (M-F) short (usually about 5 minutes) VideoBlog (Vlog?) that covers a bunch of eclectic topics. I saw Amanda at the ConvergeSouth blogger con I went to.

P.S. first attempt didn't work, trying flickr now. Too big a file for flickr. Well I guess the only alternative is to go to the video link above.


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Loved the video! Copied the link to send to some close friends. At 10+MB file size, that's all I could do. Would think this may be one of those things that will get passed around e-mails ad nauseam. Hope RocketBoom's servers can handle it.


  2. I know Ken, I tried to upload the video through blogger and flickr, and there is a 5mb limit on flickr, unpaid accounts, 10mb limit for a paid account. The first link I saw that had the whole video had exceeeded his bandwidth. But I had seen it on rocketboom first. Its a great vlog. :)


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