Wednesday, November 23, 2005

E-mail Scammers Pose as FBI, CIA

From Yahoo news:
SAN FRANCISCO-- The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation today warned computer users not to open a widely circulating e-mail that falsely claims to have been sent by U.S. authorities. The e-mail attempts to trick users into installing a variant of the Sober worm by telling them that they have been spotted on "illegal Web sites," and asking them to click on an attached "list of questions."
Be warned.


  1. I got a zipped file that said "your passwords" from an address I didn't recognize, I didn't open it, or scan it. But I was very suspicious. And I heard sober was out and about info here:
    The big caveat for everybody is that AntiVirus has trouble with catching it, because it changes so quickly.

  2. Nod32 catches all the variants, as does Trend Micro's product. ClamAV picks it up, as well, so I needn't worry about my Linux machine infecting the Windows ones.

    I've kept informal track for the last 2 1/2 days. I have around 135 of these emails with variants of Sober attached. Some purport to come from the FBI or banks. All told, I have just over 40 different subject lines and senders. The variety is staggering!



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