Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Buy a Local PC, Get a Vacation for Two

From one of the ads served up on this blog, I find a fascinating deal: buy a PC from a local builder with genuine Windows XP, and get lots of prizes worth up to $615. But wait, the average PC costs about $615, so that means you get a vacation and a free PC.

Served up at Microsoft Windows Marketplace, this appears to be a real marketing campaign -- as opposed to "click here and win a free iPod" scams. But I'll be damned if I can make out the economics.

So, hey, support your local PC builder!

[Full Disclosure: several of the hosts of the On Computers Radio Show are PC builders]


  1. Several of the hosts Peter??? I believe its safe to say ALL of the hosts have built a computer, or 70 (homage to Jack ;) ). Several of our listeners/readers have too, right? Tell us if you have built a computer.

  2. In the interest of truth in advertising, I will say that I am sure Joe has built many more systems than I have. What I do a lot of is plugging in parts (albeit major ones) until I have rehabilitated a used machine.

    Jane, Peter and Gail may well have out-built me, as well, referring to new machines. I guess we'll have to compare notes on the show and see.

    Nevertheless; I do spend a LOT of time inside vaious cases. On some days, I'll swear it's far too much time. Building or rebuilding is really only fun if you end up being able to keep the computer.



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