Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NOD32 now detects rootkits

NOD32 scores again! "Today, Eset’s ThreatSense technology represents the only integrated solution able to protect from even unknown rootkits proactively. According to Eset’s chief software architect Richard Marko, the technology is very effective with detection rate in company’s internal tests on the level up to 90%..." This seems a significant development because of the incredible stealth of rootkits. Check out the article. Folks, I'm not just praising NOD32 because of OnComputers (although I'm always glad to support O.C. when possible) but I've been using NOD32 for several months on every computer system that I own or support and the results have been as near perfect as you could get; it hasn't missed a single threat or potential threat. Joe's not kidding when he says it's the best A/V available today. And recently, Jack brought to my attention that NOD32 is one of, if not the the least resource-intensive A/V available. There are certainly other good ones (and some not so good) but IMO, it's the best, and definitely worth the money. Here's to "safe computing"...

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  1. Therre are some AV applications that don't use a lot of resources besides NOD32. Avast is not bad, nor is AVG. Kaspersky and Panda in their enterprise and/or server versions are particularly frugal; right in there with NOD32.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of very prominent AV apps that are not at all shy about using up your resources, to the point where folks will disable them to do other intensive tasks such as gaming and rendering animations.



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