Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Engadget says " Samsung combo HD DVD/Blue-ray a no go"

It looks like licensing issues will keep a combo player from getting to market in the near, if foreseeable future. That stinks, and is NOT consumer friendly. I just hope that it gets straightened out soon, or we are gonna be caught in a Beta/VHS war (if I'm not dating myself). :)
Have you decided on a format or approach to this conflict?


I read somewhere this morning that XP Pro isn't gonna be supported after 2006. Doesn't that mean Vista HAS to be out in 2006? ;)

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  1. With MS supporting only HD-DVD in Vista (as of a month ago) I would think industry would be anxious to unify licenses for advanced DVD drives and let the media duke it out in the market. Why this is not true must be attributable to greed alone. After all; if a clear winner emerges,they stand to make a lot more money and incur much less price competition. They get the gold mine, we get the shaft.

    I've been told by licensing flunkies at MS that XP support will run through the end of 2008, at least. I wonder which is correct?



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