Saturday, April 22, 2006

Is Dell About to Kill Off the Axim?

The link is to an open letter to Dell from an Axim fan/support site.

It looks as though HP will kill off the iPaq, leaving that segment to devices which also contain a phone. Other PDAs, such as Sony's, are hard to get and premium priced, to boot. Palm shows some vague signs of resurgence. This market is going to go through some changes. The question is how and what will change.

I like a PDA and have no desire for email and phone capabilities, meaning I'm at the low end of functionality and most likely to be left in the lurch. And of course this happens just as my wife and I re-enter the market, intending on buying a new machine.

I'm not talking about the new Ultra Mobile PC's like the MS "Origami" initiative. Just a PDA with some storage and a few basic functions. They're going to get harder to find, by all indications.


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