Saturday, April 22, 2006

Phenomenal PC power in an iddy-biddy living-space

It's a mini-review of the Shuttle XPC P 2500G SFF PC. The "SFF" stands for "small form factor" and it is that. Shuttle has evidently done their homework on cooling and the machine is not exactly quiet. Still, it would be less noisy than the machine I am working on now, which is in a much larger case, has significantly less power and is missing some features in a comparison.

I've been wondering why SFF machines haven't taken off since the current iMac and the Mac Mini pointed the way. This one carries a premium price, but there is nothing to prevent someone making SFF boxes in every price class, with the possible exception of the very cheapest. (SFF machines take more labor time to build because the workers have to move more slowly and carefully in the smaller case confines.) Perhaps now we'll start to see more of this sort of machine.


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