Monday, May 29, 2006

ASUS to Enter Tablet PC Market

Asus will be putting forth a premium price convertible tablet. Convertible meaning it has a keyboard or can be swung around to be used as a "pure" tablet with pen input. The feature list is pretty rich, as one would expect.

Though they remain very much a niche product, tablets are slowly gaining traction in their market. One equipped with XP Tablet Edition and fairly well equipped is something I think would fit right in to my life and it would see a LOT of use.

With flash memory prices falling again and this year's production forecast to be 196% of last year's, it is also quite possible we will soon begin to see tablets equipped with solid state storage. At that point, where the delicate and power-hungry hard drive is no longer part of the package, I think tablets will truly come into their own.


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