Thursday, June 01, 2006

Codes on Sites 'Captcha' Anger of Web Users

The codes, called captchas, are also showing up more often amid a boom in new Web services, ranging from blogging tools to social-networking sites. The trickiest ones 'make you not want to go to those sites anymore,' says Scott Reynolds, a 29-year-old software architect in Ocala, Fla., who lambasted the devices on his blog last year.

We use these captchas on this blog and I hate them, but the alternative is unreleting blog spam. It is another case in which by controlling the bad guys they win anyway because doing this inconveniences anyone else. We also use comment moderation in order to try to keep the comment spam down to a dull roar. If we didn't used captchas, along with moderation, there would be so much comment spam that the moderators couldn't keep up.

Bottom line is that if you hate these captchas, you are not alone. The other bottom line is that Google and others are realizing that there is a need for an alternative for visually impaired people. I think more companies will adopt audio captchas in the future as an alternative and thereby make their sites more accessible.

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