Saturday, June 03, 2006

AMD 4X4 to arrive sooner rather than later

Trust me on this; THE fastest route to insanity is to attempt to understand, then keep up with either Intel or AMD roadmaps. It will indeed make you crazy and old before your time. The ATI and NVidia roadmaps are even worse, but we won't get into that where the children might see it.

AMD is popping for two sockets with a dual core part in each one as an ultimate gamer's machine, though I could see it put profitably to a lot of other uses, like my Seti@home totals.

I have to wonder if I'm missing something here, though. XP Pro can only see two processors, right? Does AMD have some way of foxing this OS to use 4 while it thinks it is using 2? Or is this Linux only until Vista comes out? I don't recall seeing anything about a Vista desktop version able to use more than two cores, either. I could have missed it, and God knows the Vista roadmap has had it's own twists and turns.

So far; I have not been able to clear this up. Hopefully, all will become clear soon.


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