Sunday, May 21, 2006

The fight against V1@gra (and other spam)

The author of this CNet article seems to think the flood of spam is stabilizing at about 70% of all email traffic. That may or may not be correct. It certainly doesn't hold true here. This morning, I downloaded 802 pieces of mail, 18 of which were legitimate. (And, yes; I DID count.) Oh; and that is AFTER passing through my filters.

That ratio seems to hold pretty constantly, here. Spam to my 10 accounts seems to be growing at the rate of about 10% every 3 weeks. That doesn't sound like stabilization to me. And it sure doesn't seem like stabilization.

The article may or may not be worth reading, depending on how agitated you get when all this stuff is brought to your attention. I thought it was, but I kept two bottles of antacid tablets at hand throughout.


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