Friday, May 26, 2006

Setting Up a Server - Linux Forums

I found this on and remembered mopguy's post and somebody in the chat talking about setting up linux.
This article teaches you, the reader, how to configure a GNU/Linux based server with three of the most important services that must be provided in a company, at home, a lab or anywhere else, both for clients and internal usage: web, database, mail. So it will be assumed that the idea is to host websites that use certain technologies such as a scripting language and a database (for dynamic sites), and also to act as a mailing tool, for sending and receiving email.

It is deemed worthy of mention because the first command given is "apt-get,"
which is critical, in my opinion, to really, really make installing things in linux easy. It does take typing, and the command line intimidates a lot of people (though I wager, not many of our listeners/readers), but apt-get takes care of all dependencies and makes installing programs in linux as easy as windows. I won't say OS X, because of a guess that it does it even easier, but I have no personal knowledge of installing programs on a Mac. Though I understand you just drag an app to the trash can (if that's the right icon/term) to uninstall. Which always gives me a *ClunK* How easy can it be? moment, when I consider the simplicity of it.... :)
P.S. the url in the title, and below, goes to a site that mirror servers shut down, because of the digg effect, analagous to the /. effect. I was able to get to, but it was slow.
Setting Up a Server - Linux Forums

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