Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My intoduction to Linux

I finally decided once and for all to try Linux. Here goes:

So far I’ve tried 3 distributions. Ubuntu, Ark Linux, and White box Linux. In all cases I was dual booting with windows XP pro.

Ubuntu is probably the best all around but, it refused to let me run above 640X480 Screen resolution with an onboard Nvida Gforce
video chip. I even tried to install a driver. Didn’t work. I think because it’s Debian based? I do have it installed on a Mother board with an S3 video chip and it runs fine.

Ark Linux, red hat based did let me do 800 X 600 with the same Nvida chip however, One day it hosed my “C” drive and I had to restore from an image. Still not sure what exactly what went wrong all I Did was plug in a USB “thumb” drive. Next boot entire “C” drive was hosed.

White box Linux, also red hat based, so far so good. However, it is 4 CD’s to down load and takes about 12 attempts to get it to update correctly, if you are lucky.

So, to sum up, all things considered, not bad for free operating systems. I’d have to recommend Ubuntu if you decide to take the plunge. It didn’t hose my system. The only problem was the driver for the Nvida chip. Even then it did run OK at 640 X 480. Comments please, Jack or anybody.


  1. I'd be happy to help. We can even do it here. The problem is NVidia drivers, which are closed source and vary slightly from one setup to another. It will work, if the appropriate steps are taken. It's not complicated, but neither is it obvious when you look at it.

    Drop into the #ICUG chat on our server or contact me directly and we'll work it out.


  2. Ok Thanks Jack. When are you usually in ICUG? Drop me an email.

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  4. Nice article moppy. Let the rest of us know when you have resolved the graphics problem with Jack.

  5. Jack tried to help, Thanks! However, tried several things and just couldn't get it. It's a MB with an nvidia chipset and onboard geforce video. Seems Nvidia and debian don't like each other. Redhat based seems to work OK. The White box linux machine has a Nvidia and 800 X 600 works. Go figure.


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