Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Futility of DRM

The link above will take you to a Doom9 forum thread. If you read it, you will find all the details of cracking HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DRM. Those DRM systems took 5 years and billions of dollars of development. (That is NOT an overstatement!) and yet they were broken in a few weeks at almost no cost.

Someone, somewhere in the content provider industries is going to realize one day that DRM isn't working. No matter how you feel about the owner's of intellectual properties rights to protect that content (and I think they do have that right) it has got to become obvious to them soon that DRM as it exists now does not work. They cannot rely on legal protection, either, as a business model based on suing one's customers or legally coercing them is bound to fail.

Something has got to change and to enable that, some new business model is going to have to be devised.


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