Saturday, February 17, 2007

Toolmonger | Test to Destruction: Crimp Terminals

I believe that we might have what I would call "tool geeks" that read the blog, and I thought this would appeal to all of you, like it did to me. And is a twofer moment, because I get to reinforce my belief that quality does count.
This was an article that proved it. I can relate to quality making a real difference in RJ-45 connectors and crimpers and the time it takes to get it right. When one has to get 8 wires into the teeny weeny chute of the RJ-45 connector, getting it right the first time, makes a huge difference.
Complete, with pictures!, demonstration comparing 3 crimp terminals, and their strength.
Do YOU have any tools that have made an improvement in your life? Let us know in the comments, please!!
I feel bad that she hasn't had any comments to approve :/ I thought that her assurance that it would get moderated in a timely way would motivate SOMEbody. ;-)

Toolmonger | Test to Destruction: Crimp Terminals
[h/t Makezine]

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